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The FLY Racing Formula helmet is one of the most advanced motocross helmets ever created. Tested on the most advanced equipment in the world, the Formula helmet’s overall performance is best in class in both high-velocity crashes as well as rotational and low-speed impacts. This technologically advanced helmet redefines helmet performance and safety expectations.

Safety Just Got Smarter
Meet the FLY Racing Formula S, the world’s first MX Smart Helmet with integrated impact detection, emergency response, and real time ride analytics. The Formula S is one of the most innovative motocross helmets ever created. This technologically advanced helmet combines intelligent telemetry with the best in helmet performance and safety.

Fly Smart
The FLY Smart app, powered by Quin, is the essential companion to the Formula S smart helmet. In the event of a crash, this fully integrated impact detection system will send mission-critical location, health, and safety data to the rider’s trusted circle and emergency responders.

With the FLY Smart intelligent telemetry system, you can unlock insights into your rides, analyze the details that matter to you, and ride with peace of mind knowing that help can be on its way when you need it most.

Impact Detection Alert System:
Track and analyze every impact your helmet sustains. In a major crash event, FLY Smart sends vital information such as location, health, and safety data to the rider’s trusted circle and/or emergency responders.

Emergency Response:
Ride with peace of mind knowing that help can be on its way via Automatic Crash Detection, a manually triggered S.O.S. Beacon, emergency alerts, and the option for a direct link to 911 emergency services supported by a 5-diamond level monitoring center.


  • ECE / DOT approved
  • 12K carbon fiber shell produces an extremely lightweight shell with superior penetration resistance
  • Impact Energy Cells made of RHEON, the Impact Energy Cells maximize absorption of low-speed linear and rotational impacts, reducing forces transmitted to the brain
  • Conehead® EPS Technology provides a softer liner whereby the cones help manage or absorb an impact force more efficiently. Six critical zones have been fine-tuned for a progressive response to low-speed and high-speed impacts.
  • Expanded volume EPS means strategic areas of the helmet have more impact-absorbing EPS, more suspension between your head and the ground
  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) chin bar creates an additional element of impact mitigation and is used in the chin bar for its superior damage resistance, and energy-absorbing properties
  • Clavicle shell relief zone creates a soft zone filled with EPS and EPP to aid in reducing clavicle injuries
  • Custom molded rubber trim with integrated nose guard
    1290 grams +/-50g (size MD/LG), 2.8 pounds +/-0.11lb (size MD/LG)
  • Comfort liner and quick-release cheek pads are made of washable moisture-wicking
  • True Functional Ventilation (TFV)